Gary Penrod and Associates

Our Philosophy - since 1988 still holds true today:

The professionals at GPA want you to win! We know what it takes to make it happen.

Our philosophy is to dedicate our industry acumen and energy to those firms or individuals who wish to either divest their interests in, or to invest in the building service industry, or that need assistance in strategic planning or other business projects. Our goal is to add value to the transaction or project through providing expert advisory and intermediary services. This is accomplished through diligence and thoroughness and leading the transaction to a successful conclusion for all parties involved, whether representing a Seller or a Buyer or assisting management with a specific project. We strongly believe that each transaction or project must serve the need and desire of all parties and that it must be accomplished in such a way that, when viewed in retrospect, it is still viewed by all involved as being a cost-effective, successful transaction or project.
GPA recognizes that a mature, qualified advisory and/or intermediary team is critical to the success of each and every project undertaken. As such, our Associates all have extensive building service industry experience, having either sold their companies or having extensive financial and merger and/or acquisition experience. With in-depth understanding of the industry, we maintain a collaborative relationship among our Associates and often bring their collective experience and industry acumen to bear on an individual transaction or project.
We take a creative and flexible approach to each transaction and/or project and we view each one as being unique. When providing merger and acquisition intermediary services, considerable care is given in matching the prospective buyer with the prospective seller. We are thoughtful and take a prudent and realistic course in providing a market valuation for a company. When viewed in retrospect, these market valuations have withstood the test of time and have been viewed favorably by both financial institutions and investors. We strive to complete transactions in the optimum amount of time, causing as little disruption as possible to our clients, its operations and its workforce.

The Human Side
We understand the human side of each transaction. We know that beyond the numbers and assets, lives can be affected by a transaction. Change can be difficult. We assist our client in dealing effectively with the human side of change.

We work with complete confidentiality and demand that same confidentiality from those to whom we reveal our clients private and/or corporate information through their documented pledge of confidentiality. We are absolutely dedicated to maintaining this confidentiality.

Business acumen is not enough. Our goal is to approach each project or transaction with a professionalism that is at the core of our being and expected of all of those with whom we associate. We enjoy what we do and we do it well!